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fragrances in a convenient 3ml. vial,

and made with 100% perfume oil.






Fragrances,lotions and bath gels for men and woman

designed to inspire and uplfit the spirit.

Divine- soft and floral with matching lotion and bath gel

Majesty-this citrus and spicey fragrance is designed for

male and female with each unique gender notes in mind.

Both have matching lotion and bath gel.

Fragrances 2fl. oz. spray bottle $37.00

Lotion         8fl.oz.  bottle $19.00

Bath and Shower gel 8fl. oz. bottle $19.00

majesty is a spicey and citrus fragrance for male or female each with

their own gender specific notes. Please specify male or female in the


majesty fragrance,citrus and spicey for men and women designed to build confidence and realization of self. Watch out it is known to have powerful attraction properties!

Divine soft and floral for women,if you like a little sweet and flowery

mix you'll  love and feel divine.

Divine fragrance for women,soft and floral designed to assit in uplifting and healing the spirit

Divine lotion for women designed to match the fragrance sweet and

floral, keeps the skin soft and fragrant.

divine lotion matches the fragrance,keeps the skin soft and fragrant
Majesty lotion matches the fragrance,specify male or female in the instructions
Keeps the skin soft and fragrant.
majesty lotion for men and women,matches the fragrance, keeps the skin soft and fragrant
shower gel matches the fragrances,please specify,majesty female or male or divine in the instructions