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Zulene is one of the leading beauty professionals in

the Pennsylvania tri-state area. Her 38+ years in the

beauty industry encompasses hair design,makep

applicatiion,beauty lessons,wardrobe styling for

clients ranging from college students,professionals

and celebrities. Her talents have also allowed her

to do special assignments abroad.


Zulene's experience along with her teacher's

license in cosmetology made her a true value in

the classroom for upcoming beauty professionals.


While teaching at Empire Beauty School she helped

to set up a team of students to beautify the models

for the students from the Fashion Society at the

University of Pennsylvania that were having a

showing sponsered by the Wharton School of Business.


Zulene owned and operated a beauty salon for 25

years in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. She has

numerous awards and certificates in the industry

including winning hairstyling competitions,

skincare,and aromatherapy.


She is a member of the Who's Who Among

Cosmetologist in America,the prestigious

Cambridge Who's Who and is an expert for the

Round Table Group in her industry.


While studying and researching herbs and oils

for aromatherapy,she discovered her name sake

means healer and has been for some years

seeking a more spiritual approach to beautifying

the world. Her spiritual insights have brought

her to conduct seminars in person and now

online, to teach women and men that true beauty

comes from within!

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