Beauty With Spirit

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a beauty enhancement informational site wtih inspirational products and classes to enhance your beauty inside and out. Seminars,classes and home parties

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Please stay safe during these

unusual times. Keep God always in front,beside and in back of you.  We can get through this together. Peace and Love.

Beauty With Spirit

Welcome to beauty with spirit. We hope that when you

landed on this page you got a feeling of refreshment and


Zulene has provided beauty services and products externally

for over 40 years. She has come to the realization that there

is surely more to beauty than meets the eye.

As your beauty consultant for body, mind and spirit, we

hope that you will be blessed from our services and products

and that you will be uplifted,inspired and motivated to

become your golden butterfly.

We provide home parties to show the product line which

consist of fragrances for men and women and a line of mineral cosmetics.

We are available for seminars for groups or provide

one-on-one personal beauty makeovers.

We put love into our products and hope that you will find

a rebirth through beauty!(sm)



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inside and out!

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